3 Feb

My walk to the station was interesting – left the house in a black coat and arrived at the station in a white one. The snow has arrived and it got harder and harder as I was walking. On the train now and although yesterday was a lot colder, today the heating is on and it is uncomfortably hot. Last night was interesting – stuck for over 20 minutes waiting for an ambulance for someone who had fallen ill. Why do we have to wait for the ambulance too? Why not turf them out onto the platform or into one of the snug station rooms that are there for the Bennys and let the train go? Obviously wasn’t that serious as the ambulance took so long to arrive. I’m guessing a fat twat passing out from wearing too many layers. Train this morning is on time and I made one of these wankers who sit on the outside move but she moved in and now I’m on the outside. Weirdly as I typed that she asked me to move so she could get out at Woolwich Dockyard – says it all. She was burbling away on her phone so I’m glad she’s fucking off. I have opened the window now so we can get back down to tropical temperatures rather than hades. That fucking snow has annoyed me. Brainless school children all cooing at the white flakes as they fall, and meanwhile I am cursing every singly fluffy bastard that falls because it means chaos is coming. It also means that I made the wrong choice in footwear today but I do have my ice grip clip-ons in my bag just in case they are needed later. Posting now as I’m about to get penned in by Charlton morons.


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