Yellow Line Nazis

2 Feb

They have been at London Bridge for a while but today I’m being moved behind a yellow line when the audio announcement says that we are advised to stand behind the yellow line. Meanwhile the Bennys who are telling us to move are teetering on the platform edge and they are ten times more stupid than any of the livestock. Now, where has this stupidity come from? Why must we have to stand behind the yellow line when for the other five years straight and seven in total I have been using Cannon Street we could wait on the tracks if we liked? It isn’t for our safety that’s for sure, so what is it about? Someone tell me how many injuries we have had at Cannon Street caused by people teetering from the platform edge because they didn’t stand behind the yellow line? The line on a tube platform is much closer to the edge – it’s about 18 inches here and about six on the tube – and the tubes are coming into the station three or four times faster than these fucking bumbling trains. I am livid in case you haven’t noticed. I argued and asked why they can walk on the very edge and we can’t – I haven’t fallen yet and I have done it a lot more frequently than these “Here To Help” tabbarded twats have been. We are delayed as well which is lovely and the train is rammed already – seven minutes delayed and counting. So 100% failure rate today for lateness on my two services and I wonder again how much more I can take. It’s beyond a fucking joke. We were 25 minutes late into London Bridge this morning and I was chilled to the bone because of the lack of heating. Then the bus was fucking freezing too so by the time I got to work, I felt like I had turned blue. It took well over an hour to get warned up. On the move and at 18.46 – so I won’t be home any sooner than if I had got the train last year. The start of another fucking wanky week then I assume but then again all Southeastern weeks are wanky.


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