Carol Kirkwood Naked

11 Dec

On Friday morning, my Mum got her first glimpse of this famouse Carol Kirkwood when she was doing the forecast on BBC Breakfast. I made a point of showing her, just so she knew who she was when she is mentioned on the blog here. Her first reaction was that she looked nothing like she had expected, and secondly that she looked as rough as rats and so drew the conclusion that the people looking online for her naked must just be dirty old pervs. Mummy is also the woman however, that noticed the attached as we were waiting to cross the road beneath the Woolwich Road Flyover and said “oooh look, gorgeous cocks”. So perhaps she is a dirty old perv as well?

Mum's spot for the blog

Mum’s spot for the blog

Sorry for the spelling mistakes but it was posted with WordPress for BlackBerry dahling.
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