22 Mar


Just for a change the trains are screwed going out of Cannon Street this evening and I can’t be arsed to wait for the 18.37 which is 8 minutes (at the moment) late in and so I’m on the 18.30 which has left at 18.33 – joy. Another joy is having to cram in opposite a manspreader who didn’t even move when I came to sit down and you can bet your bottom dollar that he won’t tuck in when the melee get on at London Bridge which they will as we are delayed. It is just the same old shit but today is of course a different day but the struggle is the same. Manspreader is tugging on his vile beard and listening to his music through his ridiculous noise cancelling over-ear headphones and looks like Carrie Fisher in Star Wars – I wonder if he has a gold bikini on underneath? He looks the type; if it was fashionable he would definable one on. He has a massive iPhone and is literally 80% everything I hate. He probably uses a Boris Bike and there we have the full 100% of fuckery in one person and there are so many like him. Shall I also guess where he is getting off? I am guessing Greenwich but he looks like the Westcombe Park type and this train doesn’t stop there and so I may be wrong. I will tweet of I remember. Then again I am going to hold on before I post as he looks the type to Tweet so he may see himself on the timeline as I’m sitting opposite and I don’t want a black eye – it won’t go with this outfit.


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