Jesus Singing

23 Mar

He isn’t that good that you need to sing his word while stood on the platform – come on, he isn’t Tom Hardy is he? Woman who I used to see getting the 7.51 is here and in my usual place so I’ve stood further along to minge block the huffer when he arrives and she’s singing as only jesus lovers can – tunelessly, warblyly and making no sense. The huffer has just arrived and is now stood way in the wrong place as he lines himself up with me apparently and not where the doors come. Oh well,  today could be the day he gets put back in his box the snooty fuck. No words needed to be uttered nay shouted at him today so maybe he learned his lesson by hearing me talk to Debbie yesterday morning. He was of course there and I was of course ready to slag him off when I got on to her but he came and sat too close to us so I was thwarted and instead I shared stories of who I had pulled up on bad behaviour since I had seen her nearly two weeks before. Maybe hearing that has made him think twice about fucking with me. He is still looking down his nose at everyone but he keeps forgetting that he is boarding a train from Plumstead and not boarding a yacht from Monaco – you are as much scum as the rest of them aside from me and Debs of course who are fabulous and most importantly very clever. Time to post so I can put on some banging tunes and spend my journey staring out the huffing fuckface – this will be immensely entertaining.


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