No Planning

21 Mar

I was going to get the 18.46 but I’m here for the 18.37 and it’s “on time” so I am instead on board that and waiting for it to go. Saw the attempt by Southeastern to share the bad news to commuters who may need the train over the weekend that there aren’t any trains and they have chosen people to give out leaflets. Sadly these people are stood in a clump at the top of the steps and are chatting to each other and fucking about rather than actually spreading out to spread the word. Presumably these people are being paid to do this job but like most Southeastern staff they simply can’t be arsed and so the message isn’t spread. I do think they need to start telling us when trains are going to be running though instead as that would be a much smaller job. The sea wall is still fucked down the line and this is three months on. Every evening at 18.30ish they announce this bad news twice with two different voices – once the insincere man and then with some other bloke who sounds stoned off his tits. One is a high tone and one is a low – are they ensuring that everyone can hear? I’d imagine that the world knows about this fuckage if it is due to effect them but they brand us all with their stamp of stupidity and like to tell us over and over. Screechy kid sitting nearby talking to daddy who is shovelling crisps down its gob and that’s my cue to post. Enough for the day.


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