I’m Back

5 Feb


So sorry for no post this morning – the 7.31 was cancelled so my 7.41 was fucking rammed. I was standing when I got on as the fat slag in front of me wearing acid wash skinny jeans decided to barge through for the one remaining seat which meant that I was then behind Posh Pikey when I did get down the aisle. Good fortune smiled upon me though when someone got up just behind me at Woolwich Arsenal, freeing up a seat for my royal ass to sit on. Sadly it was right next to acid wash jean bitch and I had about three inches to call my own. I was the victim of ladyspreading. So to this evening and I survived the bus strike which didn’t phase me at all. I’m on the 18.37 and it is now 18.38 and we are still on the platform. I got the tube last night to the theatre and remembered to get a picture of that yellow line for you – it is above. As you can see, tube passengers are trusted far more than us fuckwitted train ones as it is about the length of a foot from the edge whereas at Cannon Street we have a good 18 inches at least. It is 18.40 and we are still waiting to go…. Something about a freight train having an issue in the “Southeastern Metro” area which is as vague as anything and this has caused delays across the board… 18.41 and we are still waiting to go. Just pulled out at 18.42 – why? It’s actually very empty indeed which is weird. Then again the 18.30 left late so many livestock probably hopped on there instead of waiting for this one. News from Cannon Street is that we have a Wetherspoons opening – the Sir Jack someone or other and I’m assuming he must be one of the Krug guzzling train honchos. It opens on 10th and I assume it means that the level of violence will raise greatly because delayed people mixed with alcohol is a recipe for disaster. London Bridge is rammed – posting before I get jabbed in the ribs.


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