24 Mar


It is the only happy Thursday any of us have today and that is because tomorrow we celebrate jesus being bumped off and don’t have to go to work (unless you do in which case good luck as there are no trains) so I’m hoping that the train will be nice and quiet and that huffing fucker might have a day off… I can but dream. I couldn’t be arsed to blog last night but I do have a tale of fuckery from London Bridge bus station from the morning to share and I know you will love it as much as I did. Before I start look who is opposite me and he is manspreading like a motherfucker – he got down to the platform at 7.40. He needs to be knocked down by a cyclist and fast. Anyway, twatty at the bus station – so she is there before me but she’s stood in front of a bus door thinking she’s getting on first when everyone else knows that they don’t let you on until they make their way to the first stand at the end of their designated waiting area. The line manifests around her as she isn’t moving and of course when the bus she’s stood in front of does make a move to come and pick up people she just walks along to get on first and you know I don’t stand for that shit and so she’s told and stopped in her tracks when she gets to me. This is after she’s pushed past ten people behind me though so fuck knows why they haven’t opened their gobs. She has the standard replies for a queue pusher and then gets on the bus, slumps into the disabled seat with her bag on the inside empty seat and just sits glued to her Facebook chat application with both earphones in – in short, a classic south East London fuckwitted female with aspirations of Big Brother and X Factor. We leave the bus station, load up more people on the stop just outside the station then as we are crossing London Bridge proper she presses the bell and has gone a total of two stops… What the actual fuck? All of that waiting and fucking attitude to go TWO stops on the bus. It must be tiring to be so orange and that is all I can conclude. When she got up to get off she turned to me and shook her head… What the fuck? Love, I’m not the one getting a bus two stops after waiting for longer than it would have taken to walk that same distance. Time to post but I have just got a lovely crotch shot of the huffer for you because he is still spreading and huffing at the paper. Funny, now I’ve seen the shortcomings in the crotch area it does explain a lot – he seems to have no balls. Funny that.



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