My Heart Bleeds

26 Jul

Finally last night a cyclist replied to me with the reason why he feels the need to ride his bike along the pavement. It is the same excuse they all must have on the tips of the tongues but I never usually get such a response from them. I had already seen him and his mid-teenage daughter almost take out a woman in a mobility scooter on the opposite side of the road – in fact the same spot where that twat ride past and hit me last summer – then they waited for the lights to change at the pedestrian crossing and come to my side. I was ready for them and after a lot of waiting he came up behind me, then went past me. She on the other hand got stuck and so he had to to wait for her near to the car park on the high street. As I drew level with him I asked him if he was going to use the road now and he told me “no, not today thanks” and of course this piqued my interest and I asked why that was and here it comes… “BECAUSE THE ROAD IS TOO DANGEROUS” and my bitch switch was flicked. I bombard him with questions and suggestions and the law and he really doesn’t know what you day, meanwhile the daughter stands there gormless and like a dead cod with her gob wide open. He eventually musters up “be on your way, be about your business” which enraged me even more – why the fuck don’t they ever man up, admit they are wrong and putting people in danger and just stop being complete twats? If the road is dangerous, do cars, buses, motorcycles and lorries come up onto the pavement? NO,  YOU FUCKING MORON. What sort of parent teaches their kid to be so thick? All trussed up in safely gear while riding along the pavement? If the road is busy, get off and push or leave your bike at home. If you insist on riding your bike then go to the back streets and the high street has plenty of them and they have virtually no traffic. The dormant organ inside your skull doesn’t need to be protected by your stupid looking helmet when it isn’t necessary for your day to day life. It is abused. It’s good to be back and ranting, my dear Obborati. I do hope someone else fucks me off to this leven again soon. Have a lovely day. 


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