Reality Bites 

24 Jul

After 11 days spent with the Superhumans, I’m now back with the superfuckwits and hating it. The 7.34 was cancelled as if just for me, and I’m on the DLR. Almost went onto the wrong DLR as I’m now so used to going to Stratford International but I made it onto a Bank train and I’ve even got a seat somehow. Feels VERY odd not to be in uniform and to be back with the utter scum of the earth – selfish commuters. Newspaper on my lap from the left, far ass blocking out the natural light from the right and delusions of grandeur from every single face opposite. It won’t take long for my smile to disappear and the permanent sneer to return back to these arseholes. Spending time with the completely amazing athletes and volunteers has been an absolute pleasure. Literally thousands of just wonderful people to work with and alongside of and now I’m back here with a bump. Don’t even get me started on work… I must just take a deep breath, smile and carry on. Considering that I’ve been on a 5am DLR twice in the last couple of weeks the look on some of three faces at having to get one at 7.30am is hilarious. No, I don’t feel sorry for you because this is when most people go to work. I had done almost two hours of work this time last Monday. Being a volunteer has made me see quite how much I hate my job and how I want to change so badly. I guess I should start looking. 


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