11 Jul

Line side fire between New Cross and Cannon Street and it’s meant to be causing havoc. I’ve yet to see this havoc they speak of. Train was “on time” as were all the other ones I usually see when I’m tracking this bad boy. It’s weird how the trains are seemingly normal when there is a fuckup that appears on the news yet can be completely fucked up without any notice. That is the mystery of Southeastern. I don’t understand it but then I’m not meant to. I just pay them for nothing and accept it. Platform space encroacher had a companion yesterday morning who waited for the late train with her only to get off one stop later. Always nice to get an insight into someone’s life when they have a companion and you listen to the utter bullshit they talk. Unsurprisingly I was right about her as she is as thick as shit. Anyone who chooses to wear thick black tights in the peak of a heatwave isn’t very bright. I forgot to say that I saw Debbie last week after months and the news was sad, reducing me to tears on the platform edge right in front of all my enemies. I don’t care though – they can see that I’m human. Bless Debbie’s heart. I had to turn away but couldn’t hold it in and started her off too. Thankfully she had some tissues in her bag. We soon cheered up and talked about the other stuff that’s been going on since we last saw each other and she had a few laughs which was nice to see. Only a couple of days left now before I’m off doing my bit for my country for ten days – there better be some sort of award for my selfless dedication to the cause (celeb whoring natch) and of course selfies for days. I am not looking forward to shifts beginning at 6am mind… I will definitely need an award of a lifetime supply of coffee for that. Time to post. I will catch up again soon. 


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