6 Jul

Many thanks to my Twitter troll for not only trying to get Southeastern to look at my blog and do something, but also for apparently reporting it to the police. I’ve had the most hits for a long while today. Hello to my new readers – Met police officers and Southeastern staff. I’m sure you will find it as witty as the majority of people have done in the last six years and your continued support means a lot. Now you’ve found me, you may as well carry on and even subscribe so a nice little email pops into your inbox every time I rant. It is ironic really that this moron wanted to report me to Southeastern seeing as he slags them off as much as I do, but for some reason bothers to do it directly to them rather than like this. One thing now I have learned over my years of Southeastern commuting is that they are a bunch of fuckwitted twats who really couldn’t give a shit what you think of them. It is a waste of time complaining to them. Anyone with a brain will already know this but there are some Plumstead people who have somehow missed this. I have now blocked the fuckwit in question and I already had Southeastern blocked from long ago as their tweets are pointless and insincere which is a reflection of their whole ethos. They really don’t give a fuck as they keep raking in our cash and the service just gets worse and worse. I wonder who he will move on to next? It really does tickle me when people are so irritated by what I post that they bother to try and tell me about it. I couldn’t care less – I’m more than happy to meet you and discuss your issues but if you prefer to sit behind your keyboard you don’t really have a leg to stand on. I know that this person will no doubt now be an avid fan and this can be his claim to fame – a whole blog about him. He will be sitting there at home with his mother reading this and thinking “she’s doing exactly the same – sitting there all mouth and no trousers” but what you fail to realise is that I DO open my trap to people that fuck me off and I don’t hold back. What’s the point? If I make people rethink their actions to make someone else’s journey a little better then what’s the harm? Have a nice evening, dear troll. It’s been fun.