22 Jun

Again lucky to get a bus to avoid wearing my face on my boobs by the time I reach the station from from walking so I got there in good time. Time normally where I would pass the throat clearing massive phone owning dodgy ombre sporting bint who comes and stands inside me when I’m there before her, but today she was there before me and so I just stood behind her and slightly to the right as she still doesn’t know where to stand after all these weeks. She’s been wearing black tights all this week so I can only assume she is riddled with thrush and she has the same miserable snooty face every time she sees me. The way she clears her throat is heavy with sarcasm and disapproval but that just makes me laugh at her more as she is showing her delusions of grandeur yet is getting onto the same scabby pikey train that I am getting only I’m not riddled with thrush. So the train arrives and she steps closer to the edge and then the doors stop to the right of her so I skip merrily towards them and on board to the seat she seat she wanted – result and a big fat HA from me. I do semi-regret this seat as it’s a two rather than the 4 or 6 I usually get now I don’t give a shit and wait ten minutes before getting off at Cannon Street to allow the zombie fuckwits to get through the barriers. I hope I don’t get penned in by a sweaty fatty as my arm is already starting to stick to the window area. Jabba just got on at Dockyard and has already made me want to hurl by snorting back his snot. Time to post and retrieve my iPod to drown out this fuckage. I am too good for this, throat clearer is not. 


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