Hot Scum

20 Jun

This heat brings out the utter scum without a doubt. Managed to get a bus to the station which is a win but then it all went downhill. Firstly listening to Twat A shouting across the tracks to Twat B on the opposite platform. Fuck knows what they were on about but racial slurs kept on flowing as they discussed their work colleagues and when I say work I mean “labouring” which in this sun is essentially sitting on your ass, rolling a fag, looking at fat badly dressed women and doing no work at all while calling it “building some flats”. So thankfully that ended when the train pulled in and separated them but then I’m faced with a couple that actually look like they are on heroin complete with those scabs on their faces and they are sitting opposite each other with their legs up on the seats. Thank fuck that only lasted one stop. Then I have a whole stop to myself which is lovely at which point I’m joined by Jabba the Hut above and once again I fear for my eyesight with those buttons straining. His knee is on mine and it’s hot and horrible. He also stinks of booze today which is adding a new aspect to my hate for him. Fucks sake mate just sleep at home or get a job that starts later. I hate feeling like I’m intruding in your life. 


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