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Cat Loving Twat

15 Jun

I’ve never been a cat lover and I don’t get the appeal at all. Woman at the station however is all about the feline and has some crazy ass backpack with a massive cat on it. She’s been irritating me for a while but this week it has stepped up as she’s become one of these people who wait in the wrong place and walk along next to the door as the train slows down to stop thus trying to push in front of yours truly and as you know that never ends well. On top of that she shoots me dirty looks while waiting in the wrong place. Today she has said massive backpack and is wearing a huge winter coat… What the fuck? A very patterned winter coat, leopard print pyjama bottom looking trousers and work boots. What a vision she is. The vile big gobbed boys got on who put their feet on fleet seats as they did yesterday but today they didn’t sit near me thank fuck. I had to action the full on resting bitch face complete with sneer for 90% of my journey until they got off at Greenwich. It wasn’t fun and they were talking about me whilst sitting opposite me but I jammed my earphones in so the Chemical Brothers drowned that shit out. Ain’t nobody got time to listen to two children slagging off a woman who is most likely the same age as their grandma. Cat lady has slumped down in her seat so she can keep some leg room. You’d have thought by now that she would know that that doesn’t work. She keeps checking herself out in the reflection to my right and then shooting me dirty looks when she repositions her head to misery mode giving the bloke opposite her evils. Haha she got up to move as the bloke wasn’t moving his legs. I’m so glad. No need to see her ugly mush for the rest of this journey at least. Time to post and stare out of the window.