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13 Jun

I haven’t posted for a while but it’s been the same old shit day in, day out so it would have been boring. No Debs still so I’m a tad worried there as to what is going on. The above mess is opposite me but at least it’s all tucked in unlike the two twats with their legs sticking out again. Yes, the same two schoolie twats are on board who called me rude for reminding them they weren’t at home and that their feet should be on the floor rather than the seats opposite. They made some kind of comment when they saw me but I don’t give a shit. You are like fucking 12 darlings and if you speak to me like that I can only imagine how you speak to your mothers. Schoolie sluts are also on board – when they ruck are they leaving? I can’t take their fuckery much longer. It makes me embarrassed to be the same species as they are but then again that is true of most of the “people” I encounter on a daily basis. The girl with the massive and blinding phone seems to be a permanent fixture now and has taken to standing on the left side of me rather than the right now but she’s still not in the right place for the doors. Even if she’s there before me, flicking her dodgy ombre about and clearing her throat incessantly, she’s in the wrong place. Dopey bitch. The trains have been “on time” but I know there was mass fuckery last Wednesday evening but I had already been through Cannon Street by then and missed it. Time to post. I’m being blinded by the sun and deafened by a kid who was wheeled on by a bloke with his headphones in – what a fantastic parent, hey? Twat.