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Like Nothing HappenedĀ 

5 Jun

On Friday July 8th 2005 I went to work. The train was virtually empty as were the streets. I worked in a shop and the day was mostly filled with charging the phones belonging to the armed police who had been drafted in from Wales to keep watch on us. London was a ghost town. Fast forward to today – less than 48 hours after a vicious terror attack on London and the streets were thronging with people. The train was even busier than usual this morning. I’m happy to see the people out in force, standing strong but it seems that they are behaving like nothing has happened at all. Still glued to their phones, and its their earphones in and oblivious to anything around them and surely after what happened having yours wits about you is essential? Apparently not. I think they are complacent. It is frightening. I walked from Cannon Street to work as there were none of the usual buses I get due to London Bridge still being closed to traffic and there was absolutely no change in the mentality of pathetic people around me. Today, I’d expect people to be a little more vigilant and aware of their surroundings. They weren’t. Why? Just look about you. Try and help yourself a little. My hyper vigilance today caused me to call 101 and report the car above that was left outside work all day. The traffic wardens are usually very quick where I work but today it was missed, and there is a maximum stay of four hours and it was there 9 hours after I got to work. I think as quizzed about the car and why I thought it may be suspicious and I answered all the questions. I hope that it does get passed on to be reported and at least it is given a parking fine for staying longer than it should. It took a long time to get through to 101 so I can only assume that there thankfully are people out there reporting these things as the ‘s important to see what is around you. I saw a large box left on Throgmorten as well, propped up against some gates but I left that one for someone else to report as I had done my bit. I don’t know what had changed I’m the last 12 years but people don’t bat an eyelid now when we are under threat and this worries me. If you take anything from Saturday night let it be that you report something that doesn’t look right and that you pay attention to your surroundings as it could save your life. I shall get off my soapbox now. As you were.