Quiet Time 

31 May

Although I say quiet time, it is without the schoolie twats but there seems to be an influx of fairweather travellers and the one with the massive, blinding phone is here before me today and above for you as she’s stood right in my place with her phone clamped to her hands and seven bags when one will do. There is no chance that the shit in the bag on her right wouldn’t fit into the massive bag on her left. The normal bloke was there who doesn’t give a shit when he gets on the train as there are always seats but then there were a clump of four people that reminded me of the spider avodiers but weren’t although they waffled loudly in the same way and thought they were in the right place for the doors and weren’t – shock. Yesterday was a similar story with a rotund couple stood in my place when I got there – and I’ve had to walk both days I might add as there have been no buses to catch at the right time for me – and they were as irritating as fuck gassing on about their dull as fuck weekend. That walking is horrible as I have to do it at quite a pace and although it’s not too hot today my makeup is sliding down my face and if I touch it, it leaves a weird mark so I have to let it just slide. I’m going to post… I need to put my head up so it stops sliding quite so much as it is now. 


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