Phone Snatchers, I Salute You

31 May

I’ve been meaning to post about this for a few days but the fuckwits got the better of me so now I can fully devote my rant of appreciation to the moped and bicycle riding phone snatchers. It was happening a few years ago and has become very popular again now and I can see why. The number of people who amble along with their phone in their hand unaware of anything around them and then BOOM… the phone has been snatched by a person on two wheels and they just stand their baffled. First rule of having a 500 plus quid phone is to buy insurance so if this happens you can get a new one. Second rule is to make sure you shit is backed up which is so simple these days as it is built in to the software – nobody cares what info you have so even of that cloud isn’t secure nobody is going to give a fuck but it means you can get back what is important to you. Third rule is to just put your fucking phone away and be on your way. If you need to look at something stop and stand to one side, checking all around you before you do so to make sure a stealthy stealer isn’t nearby and check the map or to make sure you are at the right place or that it’s the time you are meant to be meeting or that your train is on time. There isn’t really any other reason to check your phone while you are on your way to or from work. Nothing is that important. It really is simple but people don’t do any of this as the snatchers are still snatching and making money out of their stupidity. I hope this “crime” keeps rising as it isn’t something I will ever be a victim of as I keep my wits about me and never walk with my phone in my hand. I salute these people, I really and truly do. With any luck it might make people stop with this obsession with their phones. I am sitting here now on a train with my phone out to blog but I keep looking up around me to check out the surroundings. Like checking your mirrors continually when driving this is the same thing. Just switch off from the phone and look around you. Most times my phone is away by the time the train pulls out and I don’t get it out again until I’m inside my house. I don’t need to check it constantly. I am safe in the knowledge that is can wait. It isn’t important. I wish more people were like this. Maybe… Phone Snatchers will help. 


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