Ellie Bug

25 May

I managed to get a bus and on that bus were the schoolie sluts and today the penny dropped – unless I’m wrong in my maths – they are SIXTEEN. They were sitting quite normally on the bus which is why I didn’t notice them until they got up to get off. I walked in front of them rather than behind from the bus to the train station which is why I didn’t notice the penny dropping moment until after I’d taken the photo and had time to read what her top said. On the back of the thick, pink hoodie (she’s going to sweat her tits off in that today) it read “Ellie Bug 17 Leavers” so she’s called Ellie and she’s leaving school which was and she is 16. How the fuck is that possible? They both behave like proper kids and I definitely was far more mature at that age if they are sixteen. I was shocked as I pieced it together. It made sense though as you could see they had both made an effort with their hair although it still looked shit and they needn’t have bothered really. Obviously trying to look sexseh for the boys… Christ they’ll be knocked up before the month is out. Time to post while I reflect on the hell that is society today. 


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