24 May

So here we are, all with Manchester on our minds and the terror threat is up to critical. To be honest, I thought it was on that already as armed police is part and parcel of mincing in London at least and has been for years but now we’ve been stepped up a gear and there will be even more. I must say I can’t complain as it means more men in uniform to look at ensuring that we’re as safe as we can be which is great. Sadly the terror threat has passed Southeastern by and service is normal and by normal I mean shite. It’s no surprise really, is it? New girl has taken to getting the train and standing inside me this week. She has the thick rimmed glasses and ombre hair which is what they aspire to look like and a massive iPhone which keeps blinding me when it catches the sun as it is as big as one of the panels on the international space station and I have given myself whiplash from trying to turn away before it melts a retina. Thankfully so far she’s respected I’m there before her and doesn’t try and push in but we’ll see how that pans out as she becomes a regular. Still no Debs and I’m more worried now. It’s been four or five weeks since I’ve seen her again. I hope she is OK and her husband is also OK. Train is strangely busy today – busy as in less seats to choose from but still seats – and I’m not sure why. Usually when there is any sort of terror threat lazy people take this as an excuse to claim they are too petrified to leave the house for work and instead skip off to a beer garden and fuck it all off. Today is different. Oh well, at least we’re here standing together against the small minded scum who insist on trying to break us. You picked the wrong people to fuck with, for sure. Time to post. I’m out with the duchess this evening. 


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