DLR Pusher 

22 May

I was on the bus when I decided to check if the train was on time and it was showing as cancelled and so I said some expletives and carried on on that same bus into Woolwich. I did my usual of waiting for the Bank train loading to go before I even ventured inside the station and then sauntered down into the station and into the right place on the platform which involved walking around a bloke who was in the wrong place. Train pulled in, we let the people off and then he pushed me out the way. He is above for you and I have to stare at his big, fat head now all the way in as he is definitely someone who works in City rather than a Canning Town changer. What a knob? There were plenty of seats and I was in the right place. How is it a pushable offence to stand in the right place for the doors? He is one of these who gets the DLR every day and yet still manages to be in the wrong place. Twat. On my merry way now and the train was cancelled due to a fault. Whatever. 


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