Chump Day

17 May

Not only did I have to experience the schoolie twats this morning but then I had to get a small water bottle to move in order to sit down. Owner of said bottle was sitting in the middle of three seats with his legs wide open so I went for the window seat in order to fuck him off to the max then I saw the water bottle on the floor in front of the window seat. He huffed and tutted as they always do when they are brought back down to earth and remember they aren’t in their own house. He has since moved over but to be honest I’m pleased. Silly twat. Yes the silly schoolie Slut were at the station this morning as you can see and as always dressed for a brothel rather than a day at school. They kept their distance though which was pleasant. Off to the theatre this evening for some more Hollywood a-list action so I won’t be blogging later. It’s funny how I’ve gotten right back into this blogging lark, like I’ve never been away and I’m sure you feel happier that I’m venting here rather than with my fist in someone’s fugly mush. Jabba has got on at Dockyard and is slumped on the other side of the train. Thank fuck he didn’t come near me again today, I couldn’t have coped with that. Time to post so I can stare out the window and spot all the badly dressed people thinking it’s cold today. 


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