16 May

I had to move a very ugly yet seemingly VIB from a seat this morning and I did it just to fuck the bloke off. Needless to say it worked and he looked at me as if I’d asked to shit in his mouth. Then as always with this particular calibre of fuckwit, they get off at Woolwich Arsenal and then I was able to sit where he was sitting and actually face forward. I do hope Jabba the Hut doesn’t get on at Dockyard or my plans for a pleasant journey will be fucked. No Debbie still and it’s been three weeks now and I hope all is well with her. Shit – just arrived at Dockyard and he is here, and I saw him scoping out for a seat when he was on the platform and guess what, he is opposite me. I will try and get him all in one photo but it will be a task as it’s hard to get a panoramic shot without moving one’s arms. For now he isn’t wanting to slumber but he is close enough that I can feel the heat emanating from his massive body and it’s making me want to puke. Got the photo… I will have to get another when he decides it’s all too much and leans his greasy head against the window to nod off for the remainder today the journey. Makes my skin crawl. Seeing the buttons on his shirt strain to keep his gut contained and knowing that I could be blinded at any moment if one gives up and shoots me in the eye. Here he goes, coughs to clear his throat, doesn’t cover his gob so it goes all over me, slides down the seat and he’s off. Great, he’s staring at me now too – as if it wasn’t enough to make me want to vomit before.


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