Eye Rolling 

16 May

Picture it – about to walk through a gate into the definite non-road area on Throgmorten and there is another lady just behind me coming from my right. All of a sudden a lump on two wheels comes steaming through, fag in hand, to get through the gate between us. He monumentally misjudged the gap along with his speed and also the next to turn the bike to get through. He comes off a bit and hits the wall. Cue guffawing from yours truly and the other lady and of course my comments that that wouldn’t happen if he was on the road. Them of course as he realises he is wrong and looks like a complete twat, instead of trying to explain his choice to ride his bike there, he calls me fat. Mate, if you were that observant normally you would see that the gap was too small and you were too fast. The hilarity continued when I pointed out that he wasn’t exactly skinny himself and he patted his stomach and did a puzzled face to which I told him he wasn’t looking at what I was looking at and that was an ass that Kimmy K would be envious of. He carried on badly as he was too busy nursing his fag and I wished him under a tipper truck as usual. It just made me wonder what on earth they would come back with if I wasn’t fat. What would he say? I’ll ask the next one as that’s their usual comeback to being put in their place by me. Silly fools the lot of them. It’s just stupid and they end up looking really stupid. Got ages for now for the 18.48 to leave and we have a phone shouter sitting in front that I can hear through the earphones. Fuck it, I’ll just jam them in further and stare out the window. Adios, Obborati. 


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