15 May

Just witnessed what I believe to be a breakup resulting in Natalie walking away as she didn’t want to listen to his bullshit for a moment longer. To be honest, I couldn’t stand listening any more either so I don’t blame her. He didn’t even chase after her, the bastard. I was stood there watching him grovel for a good give minutes to her and she didn’t say a word to him then eventually she just walked off to his plaintiff cry of “Nah-uh-leeah” and she didn’t even look back. Best off without a twat like that, mate, ain’t nobody got time for that sort of bollocks on a Monday evening. I was meant to be meeting a schoolie pal this evening after work but her little munchkin was poorly and so I’m waiting for the 18.48 to arrive. It has arrived and I’m on it – 18.34 and still I wonder why the 18.30 doesn’t stop at Plumstead when it stops at all the other stops down the line before Plumstead. Anyone know? Southeastern certainly don’t care. I’d love to ask the managers but as they are there when I’m not there isn’t a lot of opportunity to and I would write to them but the answer I get would be vague, generic and a load of old bullshit so I won’t waste my time and instead will rant here. Time to post. 


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