Rutger Hauer

12 May

I’ve been trying to place this face for weeks. You know when you see someone and it just reminds you of someone else – the strong features and likeness is very reminiscent of someone in the public eye. Today it came to me. She looks like Rutger Hauer – cropped blonde hair and a face as rough as arseholes. She also has a bit of Shirley from Eastenders about her but facially it is more Rutger than Shirl. I have a teeny hangover this morning as we had a couple of drinks last night after work but it was all fun and to be honest I’m more tired than anything else and just need a drink to refresh my palette. On the train which which was on time and not too peppered with fuckwits today although it might be but I haven’t noticed them yet. It is quite sticky this morning even though on first observation it was quite fresh because of the rain. I had to walk as there was no sign of a bus and a massive collection of people at both stops I pass by and that walk hasn’t helped the clammyness I am experiencing at the moment. I’m hoping for a fast and funny day at work but I doubt that will happen as the powers have returned from their Belgrade jolly and will no doubt be asking poor old BdJ to carry out lots of work. I know, it is my job but it’s Friday and I can’t be arsed. I want a nice long nap today in between sessions of browsing the Internet for Tom Hardy pictures and ticket purchasing. We’ll see what happens… Have a good one, Obborati. 


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