Drugged up? 

10 May

This little twat is slumped opposite me. I spotted him as the train pulled in and he was today’s target. I don’t open my mouth to ask them to move anymore I just stand and stare at them which seems to work. He soon started to move and I sat opposite and pushed his knees back with my own as I made myself comfortable. Thank fuck he is off at Woolwich Arsenal now but I now fear that fat sleeping fuck will get on at Dockyard to steal the leg room. The thick schoolie sluts were at Plumstead again today and apparently forgot who I was as no tittering or guffawing was heard when they clocked me. Both had their greasy hair in pony tails today as opposed to the scabby stupid messy bun. I managed to get the bus today and the second I stepped on I wish I hadn’t. I wasn’t standing near to anyone in particular but the stench of garlic breath on the bottom deck as overwhelming – eyes watering and nose bleeding. I was grateful to get off two stops later but did in fact consider getting off sooner to avoid the smell. The irritating voice over man was bellowing at the station again today warning us to stand behind the yellow line to avoid “turbulence” at which point I stepped closer to the platform edge in order to spite his words and I also remembered the twat who keeps walking in front of me this week – I didn’t see him in the end, thank fuck. Phew we picked up that fat bastard at Dockyard but he didn’t come and sit opposite me so my legs can continue to be where they are meant to as opposed to being tucked up under me like a swimming duck. Time to post – I can relax now that the fuckwit threat is lower. 


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