Meh Tuesday 

9 May

Feeling a bit tired as I’m still on holiday sleepy time and didn’t get to sleep until gone midnight – need to curb that shit tonight. Also feeling somewhat harassed by children as those little pricks from upstairs decided to try and strike up a conversation with hen I went to take my rubbish out and this included standing in the fucking way, staring through my front door, telling me they live upstairs and then telling me that bees live in the gap under my front door – I just huffed and puffed and slammed the door when I finally was able to escape. Fuck OFF – children should not be seen and not be heard. Said it before and I’ll say it again. Especially those little arseholes. Go away. Had to walk to the station as the traffic lights took forever to change and I missed three fucking buses. So I’m sweaty and ready to slap someone – the latter of course is normal. There is a new prick that gets this train as I saw him yesterday for the first time and he was there again today. He likes to walk in front of me to pass me and I stand about a foot away from the edge of the platform and yet he still walks in that tiny gap then walks away from the edge. What the fuck? Great – people with a kid have just got on and sat right next to me. If it starts to cry I will ensure it and it’s parents have a reason to cry… Better turn the iPod up. Ugh they also have garlic breath. Give me strength. 


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