Not So Clever

28 Apr

Following on from the minimal altercation with the two dopey schoolie slut wannabes the other day – I can’t even remember which day it was now to be honest – they haven’t been at Plumstead and I wondered if they had been getting a different train or indeed the bus. Seems they have tried to outsmart old BdJ and I saw them waiting for this very train at Woolwich Dockyard yesterday… Not exactly a good plan is it? Less people there to shoot them evils to stop fucking around on the platform edge and getting emergency services there to scrape up their badly dressed remains isn’t going to be easy. Still, it means I don’t have to parent them anymore. Every cloud. Last morning commute for a while as I am off next week. I fill expect to be battered in the shins by the long weekend suitcase wankers when I reach the glittering City in a matter of 20 minutes and I can be smug in the knowledge that I get a cab to the station tomorrow so my suitcase will be sealed up in the capacious boot of an Uber. No sigh of the schoolie sluts at Dockyard today but that vile lump who treats the train as his bedroom has got on… And thank fuck he has gone to another seat and hasn’t jammed himself in opposite me. His shirt is stretched to capacity around the barrel he calls a torso and so the buttons become weapons of mass destruction and could fire off faster than a speeding bullet at any given moment when he takes a deep breath. Time to post. I’m bored already. 


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