Signal Blah 

25 Apr

It’s been a fretful wait this morning to see if the cowboys would be able to sort themselves out as there was signal failure at Slade Green when I woke up which caused several cancellations. Thankfully a miracle has occurred and the train arrived only two minutes late. Sadly the train brings its usual band of fuckwits and above is what is opposite me with his moose knuckle winking at me as he reads the paper. I don’t know why he has to sit with his legs like that to read the paper but I can only assume his penis is being used as some sort of stand to keep the paper upright or at least that is what he thinks – it isn’t that big of course. Tiny bit chilly this morning even though the sun is shining. Of course this means that the majority of people are dressed for an Arctic expedition while I have thought a hoody rather than a paper thin cardy was order of the day. Yes, I know I’m sensible. The other twats aren’t. But that isn’t any sort of surprise to me. It’s April for fucks sake. There is no need for a scarf and seven coats. It’s not that cold. I’m going to have to post as the sun is now blinding me. I’d rather be blinded by that than the bloke opposite and his manhood display… 


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