Collection Overkill

25 Apr

Over the last few weeks at Cannon Street I have had more buckets than I care to remember jiggled in my mush in order to give over cash for various charities. Today is the RNLI but there have been so many others that I can’t even remember. I know the real chuggers outside who ask for bank details seem to be a thing of the past but the buckets are getting beyond a joke now. We pay enough for the charity that is Southeastern and like most charities, we don’t see any result of that cash exchange it is just the same every day. I understand that charities need to be out there collecting and I also understand that the bucket people (should be) volunteers whereas the chuggers are actually paid a wage and then have targets and commission but it’s too many now. The sad faces when all you want to do is get to and from work isn’t welcome. There are just so many people asking for money these days – not just the charities but people who “crowd fund” which I can only assume is legalised begging. Ugh I can’t even be arsed to rant any more. It’s been a long day for poor old BdJ and she needs a rest… 


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