Living Room

20 Apr

Train is here and almost on time today and fairly quiet so I can only assume the fuckwit above has mistaken the train for his own living room and the seat for his own sofa and as he didn’t have a good sleep he has decided to curl up with all this space to catch up on some sleep – what a terrible tale, hey? Fucking KNOB. Wake up you twat, you are on a commuter train, we are all tired, you are not special and we don’t want to share in your inability to go to bed early enough not to require sleeping on a train using all the space. When the train gets busier he will need to reposition but my legs won’t be moving to accommodate him. I need my leg room and if you are going to give it to me then I’m going to take it. Just pulling into Woolwich Dockyard and I’d imagine the serial slumberer will be boarding to unleash his massive gut and miserable resting bitch face on the carriage so this pair can look like fucked up bookends. The skank above seems to be exhaling vile garlic breath which isn’t helping my current rage – can you tell I’m raging? Great a family of small children have just got on – complete with buggy – and they all stink of chip fat. Jesus christ I’m ready to get off this effing train now and I’ve only gone two stops. I’m going to open that window soon as the stench is overwhelming and now the kid is screeching and even Meredith Brooks in my ears telling me I’m a bitch isn’t helping. Thank fuck it’s Thursday already, hey? Time to post. The people of Charlton are quite pushy so I’m going to need my elbows… 


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