19 Apr

Another day, another unknown Southeastern train fault but thankfully I knew about it before I left the house so I was able to get a bus straight to Stabsville to get onto a DLR. Once again I don’t get how they can have a train fault this late I’m the day when services start at around five or before and I’m sure that the train I get has already done a circuit via Cannon Street but yet they only find the fault now. I’d imagine it’s yet another train that’s late and so they cancel it to massage the figures but getting honesty from these fuckers is like getting the truth from Amanda Knox – impossible. Thankfully I time my DLR venture properly and only enter the station when the previous Bank bound train has left and so I have a seat even though it’s quite full now. DLR has the seats down the sides this morning like a tube so when we tip going round corners I get that sick feeling in my stomach but it’s better than waiting for an unknown train at Plumstead. It’s getting to be once every ten days this train is cancelled now and it’s beyond a fucking joke. At least it’s Wednesday already so it’s downhill from now until the weekend and heading into my last week before a well earned rest away from these plebs. We just have seven weeks of election bollocks to go through which is going to drive me mad. I don’t share my political opinion, I don’t believe in it but social media will be avoided until its all over. I can’t deal with with the armchair knobheads who think they know what they are talking about and think they are right. Time to post. 


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