Helpful Bitch 

12 Apr

I’m back today, fans, and despite being the most miserable old biddy in the world I’m doing the job of the useless and scruffy Southeastern staff and telling people on the platform which train they need to get. Not once but twice in a space of moments I helped out people – one needed to get to Lewisham and the others needed to get to Waterloo. As the boards only announce the stations the next train stops at, I had to use my skills to say the needed the 7.44 and I warned of the fullness. I’m glad they asked instead of standing around like men usually do an just wait and see. It must have taken a lot but I have one of those faces that people want to speak to (or laugh at) and so they do feel comfortable to ask. The second man commented on how there is never any staff to ask but I assured him that I knew what I was talking about. Even when those twats are on the platform they have to refer to bits of paper to know which train goes where, whereas I have the train knowledge. Time to post as I want to stare out the window… 


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