Snack Time Lip Smacker 

10 Apr

I actually forgot to blog this morning so I suppose I should make up for it now as I’m sure you’ve missed my ranting. On the 18.48 which arrived moments after the 18.30 pulled out late and so I was aboard as soon as it stopped. It’s a bit quieter being bank holiday week but still the usual band of merry fuckwits. One got on and sat rows in front of me but I can hear him chomping his fucking crisps and smacking his lips. Why not just wait for dinner? He has earphones in so can’t hear the vile noise he is making but I can. He is one of the hipster types who look like they haven’t washed for weeks – skanky beard, unbrushed hair and a crumpled jumper. He does look like he needs to eat but crisps won’t help that figure, you need to get some pies in you mate. The walk to the station was peppered with tourist pricks standing in the way and being gormless. There were about eight all stood in the check out area in Sainsburys totally in the way, while one of them fucked about to buy a bottle of water and some crisps. What the fuck? Just do sit outside while one does the shopping. Some of them moved after I made comment but then decided to congregate in the self service area while they stood and guffawed loudly at the thrill of being in a shop. Give me strength. Ain’t nobody got time for that shit. I was in central yesterday and witnessed more tourists taking photos of their kids on the steps at Cannon Street station and then with the generic buildings opposite as a backdrop. How about walking five minutes to the left or right and see St Paul’s or the Walkie Talkie? Fucking morons. See what London has  to offer as opposed to some dirty old station. What shocked me was that they were there for ages taking photos and it’s not even a nice building. It’s wasted on people like that. You’ve spend all that money coming to London and waste your memory space on that shit. Oh well, moving now. Until tomorrow, dear Obborati. 


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