DLR Saves

7 Apr

All the time I had been checking the train between 6.25 and 7.20 it was showing as being on time. I get a bus OK, get to the station and they had cancelled the fucking thing. Cue ranting and shouting obscenities and an about turn to get back onto a bus and to Woolwich to get a DLR. Today’s excuse was a train fault but this was apparently only discovered when the train was due to leave Slade Green at 7.23 – lies. Why do they lie? If I can make it on time with a fault – bad leg, wayward hair and OCD making me check plugs and locks multiple times, why the fuck can’t this train get a shift on? I was only musing last night how I’ve not had to get the DLR for more than two weeks and here I am sitting on sale DLR. I would get this every day if it wasn’t For Bank being a pain in the ass and rammed. It might be a bit less busy today as the schoolie scum are on holiday but it will still be slow moving to get out of the station. Then comes the fun od crossing the road to wait for another bus. I’m sick of Southeastern and their lies and shit service. I would wait for the 7.49 but it would be rammed and the 7.44 is always rammed as it’s one of the few trains that stop at London Bridge and I stopped getting that months ago after there was too many pricks and no seats left for BdJ to park her pert derriere on. This DLR is quite busy now actually and I can only assume that is because of my train being cancelled. I’m facing backwards too on the train so I’ll be blinded by the sun but there are worse ways to go blind. At least it looks pretty so I’ll enjoy it for my last moments of vision. Time to post. 


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