Sunny Season

6 Apr

The mirrored aviators are out and the season to be careful what I’m taking photos of is upon me as the threat of reflection is real and the fat bloke opposite with his balls jiggling about might catch me taking photos of him. I don’t have one there at the moment but come  Woolwich Dockyard it’s likely. Got the bus again. Candy Crush jabber was there again. Bell didn’t ring (shock). At the station a man apparently trapped in the past as he had forgotten apparently that smoking was banned in public places ten years ago but he was there happily sucking away on his spindly little rollie. Twat. Aboard the fuckwit express and finally numbers have dropped but there is an increase in fuckery as a man with a huge bike is sitting down and has the bike across the aisle. Thanks, twat, I really wanted to have to squeeze past your no doubt stolen bike to get to a seat. There is a tipper truck with his name on it out there. I never understand the point of taking a bike onto a train – just rude the fucking think to where you want to go. It’s like driving to take a dog for a walk – just fucking walk it. Too many twats every day and not enough time for poor old me. I did have my moment with Mike Barnes from Hollyoaks this morning as he lives nearby and he is on this train. I wanted to give him a hug after watching the weeping on screen at losing his daughter. He must be off to Amy’s funeral. Weird that he lives in Plumstead but hey, you have to go to where the work is. He has lived there for years. I haven’t seen Darren from Big Brother for ages which was another local but Emily Watson has been on a fair bit lately so Oscar nominated trumps Marjorie the chicken owning. I’ll stick with soap star for now. Still lovely and empty and so I’ll post as there isn’t anything else to moan or muse over. 


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