Poor Me

4 Apr

My dear Obborati it has been some three months but after the display I just witnessed at Plumstead station, 140 characters on twitter simply doesn’t suffice and I’ve been inspired to return to my limitless bitching platform to share with you. Picture it – I manage to get a bus (schoolie scum are off init) and get to the station relatively early. The ticket inspectors are there and at both sides of the station. Obviously doing nothing aside from standing talking shit to each other but they are there. So I get to the platform as they have no reason to stop me and then the train on platform two pulls in and something towards the back piqued the interest of the blonde slag checking tickets and she looks and points and calls over her hard working colleagues to see. The train pulls away and there he is – obviously some sort of addict and he is shouting and waiting because he has no ticket. Not one person is shocked but it is the self important drivel that spills from his lips that was the most shocking. He just kept bleating in about having no home and no money and how the government don’t want to help him. How he can’t feed himself or his family and how the government don’t want to help him. Wait up pal, what the fuck are you on about? Don’t start ranting on like that looking for sympathy from a platform full of people on their way TO WORK. We are paying for you but you choose to squander your benefits away on things you don’t need and choose not to work. Not once did he mention working or jobs. Of course your favourite bitch couldn’t take any more and started just shouting “get a job” in response to his repeated protestation as to why he hasn’t got a ticket. Fuck me I hate people like that. Just get a fucking job. If those morons you are whining at are able to find employment then you will have no problem. They have a lower IQ than an earthworm so you would be quids in, you could even be a team leader. He had a way with words and certain ingredients projected his voice so perhaps a pantomime baddie would work for him. Plenty of things he could do if only the lazy fuck actually went to get a job. So there it is – your Bitch de Jour is back… For now. 


One Response to “Poor Me”

  1. Steve April 4, 2017 at 7:40 am #

    normality is restored, long may it continue, welcome back!

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