Au Revior

16 Dec

Today has been a great day and it has been topped off by finding the money a drunk person dropped on St Swithins Lane this evening on my wander to the station for my last commute of 2016. Time to reflect – trains have been shit. Just watching two of the Bennies fucking about on board this train doing chin ups in the door way. Fucks sake – what are we paying train fare for? Just do your fucking job you lazy fucking scumbags. So so sick of these Southeastern morons – why can’t they just do what they are paid for? I never see them working because they are all fucking about. Hearing Southeastern staff get onto a train and say “can you smell the weed? You know this train has come from Woolwich.”just underlines what twats they are. That’s my job as a passenger and not yours as staff. Stand on the platform, wave your stupid little sticks about and get paid for it. Don’t make comments like that and do chin ups on the fucking train when I can see and hear you. They are still on the platform now chatting absolute shit. Merry Christmas, Obborati. We shall meet again in 2017.


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