Final Furlong of Fuckery 

14 Dec

Wednesday morning and just five more commutes to do excluding this one which I’m sure will get fucked up before I get to work. Train was as delayed as has become normal so I’m never surprised by it. Spider avoiders are definitely a thing of the past so I relax a tad more at the platform edge now which is pleasant or as pleasant as hanging with the rest of the fuckwits can be. Last night I went to the theatre – shock – and my train home from Cannon Street was fucked up. I thought I was going to miss the 21.17 so I didn’t rush over from Bank but when I got into the station I saw it was delayed. I skipped to platform two and the train was there so you can imagine my confusion but then it dawned on me that the delay was that they hadn’t even opened the fucking doors to let people onto the train and to try and clear the platform and this isn’t the first time I have had this at Cannon Street with their fuckery. Why? Train is at the station so why not just open the doors to avoid a fucking revolt because was certainly ready to kick some ass. It eventually left and I got into Plumstead five minutes later than advertised. An absolute waste of time. I’m going to keep this short as I can’t be arsed really. People will be piling on at Charlton in a minute and so I will be jammed in. Not long now. 


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