Moped Madness

12 Dec

Saw the aftermath of an “accident” on the high street just now where a transit had taken out a twat on a moped. I could see it was the fault of the moped as he was in the middle of the road and the transit had obviously gone to pull out to pass a bus at the stop while moped sped down the middle of the road and the van hadn’t seen him and knocked him off. Carnage ensued and the traffic was at a stand still. I kept on walking. Ain’t nobody got time for that sort of shit at 7.30 in the morning. As I sauntered down the street on this last working Monday of 2016 I passed some scumbags all carrying accordions on their back, off for a hard day of begging in central London to pay for their huge homes outside of the UK. I can’t wait to leave for a couple of weeks. I’m done with London for this year. The number of twats in increasing and my fuse is getting shorter and shorter and it’s only a matter of time before I’m sectioned. I hope it is soon to save my from myself. 


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