Wednesday Fury 

7 Dec

I am incandescent with rage today. The fucking train was TEN minutes late and the excuse was the feeble and pathetic “train leaving late from the depot” which translates to “we have worse staff than Southern but we don’t get the same media coverage as they do” and as you can imagine I was just seething. Ranting and shouting and not one of those gormless fucking pricks at the platform edge with me even cracked a smile. I was hilarious even if I do say so myself but they all just stare down the tracks even though the train is more than three minutes away and I’ve never understood that. Why keep searching for it? When it comes it comes and you will get on it. Looking for it won’t make it come any faster. The clock will say two minutes and then jump back up to three when it has left Abbey Wood so you know it will be coming shortly. Then it will say it’s arrived when it’s not even drawn level with the start of the platform so they can massage their figures to look better. Always hilarious how those dopey pricks with the pink tabards keep a low profile when there is such fuckage. Only one today and she only slinked out when the train was arriving. As the 7.34 arrived at 7.44 we have gathered a number of fuckwits expecting to go to Charing Cross as they are on autopilot and just put blind faith into getting onto the train that is in front of them at the time they are due to get on a train. One bloke just got on at Woolwich Dockyard, sat down then had to almost skid out the door to get off as he realised it was the wrong train. Give me strength. We are about to get busy so I’m posting. Thank fuck there is only the rest of this week then next week to go and I get a break from this shite. It’s way way too much now. Way too much. 


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