Bah Humbug

5 Dec

I can’t remember the last time I posted – sorry about that. The days are merging into one long day as we approach the festive season and 2017 and I suppose I’m trying to get a bit of control back but it’s not working. Christmas trees are up and carol singers were at Cannon Street tonight but I just wrinkled my nose and walked on by. It is a bit too much to deal with on a Monday and although some people are cheered up by hearing that, please give me some old skool Oasis or something Pete Tong has approved rather than Christian bollocks. Trains have been fucked every day in the morning and we haven’t left on time for about three weeks now. Spider avoiders were MIA all last week though which is great but Debs also been missing and I am missing her a lot. I hope she’s OK. This morning’s carnage was due to a rogue freight train. It came through Plumstead at about 7.33 when we were still waiting for the 7.21 and the 7.34 would have been even more delayed so I cut my losses and got onto the surprisingly empty 7.21 at about 7.36 – why isn’t the 7.44 that empty? The one good thing about alternate destinations on alternate trains is that they don’t get as overcrowded if one is late. Usually a 17 minute delay means absolute hell on board and the usual bleeting “can you move dahn please” but today it didn’t even get to that stage despite stopping at Blackheath. London Bridge was as shit as always and that awful announcement they are plugging everywhere with the overly jolly (obviously shitfaced and overpaid and not a Southeastern commuter) man telling us London Bridge isn’t falling down but it’s being made amazing and my eyes roll back so far I see my brain every single time I hear it. Christmas is going to be hell on these trains and I’m just glad I’m off for those two weeks to avoid the shit. Time to post… 


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