Mild Chill

29 Nov

It is a bit colder today so instead of a vest under my hoody I’ve put on a long sleeved top. No coat required yet, it isn’t that cold. The train was delayed just for a change and there was all manner of fuckage earlier on which thankfully I avoided. I got onto the train and immediately opened the window as the bone melting air is pumping out of the vents to my left and I am not ready to lose a limb quite yet due to burning. No spider avoiders yesterday or today for which I am most thankful as they are a pain in the ass. The twat with goggles sewn into his hood is here though – I don’t think I’ve mentioned him before but trust me, he is prime Obborati fodder. He looks like such a twat and was all trussed up today in this temperature but he has been trussed up for months before as many of them have so now they have to get more clothes on. It’s so irritating. I’m going to post and endeavour to share more this evening… 


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