Dirty Look

24 Nov

Just get onto a relatively empty train but still received dirty looks from a woman plastering her mush with her war paint whilst spreading out over three seats. Why do you think they all belong to you? I knocked her arm as I approached from behind which also fucked her off as she was doing some sort of liner – I didn’t bother to stop to check which liber. What is the point? Do your fucking makeup before you leave the house and just be normal. She dragged her shit and kid off at Woolwich. I wonder if we will make it past Charlton today without fuckage? I know there is emergency engineering work which can’t be that emergencyfied as we were fucked yesterday morning because of this cracked rail yet they only bother to try and sort it overnight and into this morning. Speed restriction over that one rail yesterday while trains from everywhere else were  speeding through. Fucking joke. How long does it take them to crooky down and slap a bit of gaffer tape on the crack? Or even superglue? No need for this continued fuckage. Made it to Woolwich Dockyard now but we are late AGAIN due to the usual ongoing unexplained fuckage that has caused this revised timetable. It’s been three weeks now. Still no sign of Debs by the way. I was tempted to ask the pink tabarded people if they could pass her a message but seeing as the post that holds up the roof at the station has more intelligence I’d be better off asking that. Time to post… Let’s see what they can fuck up today. 


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