Speed Restrictions 

23 Nov

For the first time since they inforced speed restrictions have they bothered to tell us in an announcement on the platform. The revised timetable I believe is to take into account speed restrictions but this is the third week and today is the first time we have been told. Obviously they say that and then say that their tickets will be accepted on the DLR and of course that makes Southeastern look like a bunch of drama queens as they are telling people to use another mode of transport that uses rails which will be working fine – now, how can that be if you are telling us your rails are fucked/slippery/covered in our money? It doesn’t make sense. No spider avoiders today thank fuck as I’m sick of those pricks especially after talking loudly over the announcements at Woolwich about the fucktard on the tracks. How fucking rude? Just sit and listen to the announcements and also to the woman behind you telling you to shut the fuck up so we can hear what is going on. They dress like they work in youth support so their job is hardly taxing so if they were late got work it’s no biggie as the youth won’t be awake yet. That train ended up leaving Woolwich Arsenal an hour late yesterday morning. I’m glad I got off when I did even if I did have to deal with the increasing number of fuckwits who get the DLR. Painful doesn’t come close when you have to watch an over amorous and awkward couple try and share a tender moment whilst standing on a moving train whilst it’s speeding around a corner and tipping accordingly. I wish I’d videoed it. Time to post. 


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