Snot Chorus

17 Nov

Not only did I have to witness the moment a dirty skank sneezed his snot all over the platform not once, not twice but three times but on the train I have a sniffer in front of me and then one to the left and they are taking it in turns. One sniffs and the other replies. The spraying on the platform was disgusting – he couldn’t put his paper down in order to cover his mouth so just let it go freely and I saw the droplets propelled from his gob. I can’t hold in my disgust but he still did it another two times. It’s a wonder he has teeth left as I was tempted to go and smash them out. I’m still in the midst of my own man flu suffering but I am certainly not a skank spraying it all over the place. I have had to get the ipod on and loud to drown out the train sniffers which is complimented by a kid in a buggy blocking the aisle – that is above for your annoyance. I did think about going for that window seat but she would have only managed to squeeze herself out and let me in by the time we passed through London Bridge and by that point I’m ready to get off. Time to post as I’m about to get penned in at Charlton. Joy. 


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