Not Funny

17 Nov

It’s a shame that people have to say what they think sometimes when there really is no need to. I had a tweet to say my blog is bile and that I’m not funny. Sorry mate, not my fault that the humour passes you by. There was no need to share their opinion about it. Yes it was a public tweet that I posted with the link but if you think it’s shit then just move on. Ain’t nobody got time to make an effort to say you don’t like something. I certainly don’t do it to people. I will happily call you a prick if you are taking up two seats on a rammed train but there is no need whatsoever to tweet that. It is ironic though as now he has drawn my attention to him I can smugly say that there is plenty I don’t like about his time line but I’ll just post it here rather than tell him. Nothing like bitching behind someone’s back is there? Onto the train and I’m on the 18.30 today as I was here early through some kind of miracle and we have the bloodbath at Plumstead to look forward to as some random job dodger was stabbed on the crossing outside the station this afternoon. I couldn’t be arsed trying to negotiate the other crossing to get home so opted for this train to Charlton and then a bus to get me home. The hobbit sitting to my right keeps scratching his balls and adjusting himself while watching some shit videos on his phone. I want to just give him a fiver to buy some normal pants but I can’t be arsed. He also keeps sniffing and snorting and it is still irritating me even though I have found myself to be temporarily deaf on that side due to the grave effects of man flu I am currently dealing with. Day five and no better. How do you men cope? Time to post. This is too much. 


One Response to “Not Funny”

  1. Steve November 17, 2016 at 7:32 pm #

    Keep it up great blog!

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