Hit By A Bus 

16 Nov

I feel like shite today – it’s not nice. I woke up and felt as though I had been sleepwalking in the night, managed to be hit by a bus and then came back to bed for a night of broken sleep and then a 6.25am alarm. To top off this perfect morning (so far) the train was late and I had to move an aisle seat dweller and also deal with the spider avoiders. They arrived at 7.34 but as the train was late managed not to miss it but still managed to fuck me off in the short time they stood there. He then tried to rush me with the door button pressing when I already had it under control – don’t fuck with me, wanker. I know when the door is going to open. I’m not thick. I’m so not ready for the fuckery of work today and it’s not even 8am yet. The man sitting in front smells like he hasn’t slept in a home for days – that odd musty outdoors smell that linger by homeless people is raping my nostrils and it’s disgusting. I need to post as I can’t concentrate on typing whilst feeling like this. Meh is all I can think right now. 


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